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Flood & Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration Service


You don’t have to live on a flood plain to be tormented by water damage. Something as simple as a leaky pipe can do extreme damage to your carpets and the floor underneath.


However, Chem-Dry City professionals are prepared to tackle most anything. From minor pipe leaks to flooding, Chem-Dry City can help restore what would appear to be a lost cause.


Flooding can be disastrous in Australia. Australia is a country where environmental hazards such as bush fires and floods are a common occurrence. These natural disasters can cause damage to your property. When this happens it needs to be taken care of by Chem-Dry City Immediately.


Why Floods need to be handled quickly

  • A building can take weeks to dry out.
  • Rot and deterioration can damage building foundations caused by water residing under floors.
  • Electrical equipment and wiring becomes corroded, as well as a safety hazard, from water penetration.
  • Asbestos and other harmful contaminants from building surfaces can be carried by fresh water.
  • Books and documents deteriorate quickly and cause mould growth.

What Chem-Dry City will do

Chem-Dry City offers 24 hour waterdamage restoration to quickly respond to your distress. We will inspect the damages and even bill it to your insurance company to start the restoration process immediately.

The water damage restoration process includes:

  1. Immediate attendance by highly trained & certified personnel.
  2. Itemised report/quotation is rapidly provided, covering all drying restoration work required.
  3. Make all areas safe for occupational health & safety purposes.
  4. Extraction of standing water.
  5. Drying and restoration of furniture, furnishings, carpet, flooring and structure.
  6. Deodorising and disinfecting.
  7. Equipment and electronics recovery and restoration.
  8. Document drying, restoration and recording.
  9. Mould stabilisation and removal.
  10. Cleaning of any affected furniture and flooring.
  11. Happy Customer.

The biggest problems it there for water damage situation  are the companies who don’t dry properly. They dry the carpet but not the structure causing mould problems. Chem-Dry City use the correct moisture meters and structural drying equipment, drying walls, ceilings, skirting, carpet, underlay, wood floors contents subfloors etc.


No moisture = No mould