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Power Guard

Polymer Based

PowerGuard has a unique polymer base that makes it fundamentally different than competitive carpet protectors. We have learned from using other polymers, of the incredible protection abilities polymers provide. PowerGuard provides a clear coating on the fiber that works by encapsulating soil and sugars into its protective crust. When you vacuum the carpet it will remove the top layers of polymer and consequently take the soils with it. This product provides unique layers of protection, giving a carpet the ability to resist re-soiling for very long periods of time.

Acid Dye Resistors

PowerGuard also has acid dye resistors to prevent dyes from bonding to the fiber. Acid Dye resistors adhere themselves to receptor sites (dye sites) acting like a clear dyes. It works on a principle of physics, which teaches that no two things can occupy the same space. Once PowerGuard has been applied, stains have no place in the carpet fiber to go.


Aqua Guard

AquaGuard is a water based upholstery protector which provides excellent soil resistance to upholstery fabrics when applied directly after cleaning. AquaGuard also protects home furnishings and automotive upholstery from wet and dry soiling, and imparts water and oil repellency. The effects of AquaGuard are durable to regular usage and vacuuming. The treated fabrics retain their fresh new look longer than untreated fabrics. AquaGuard can be used on all types of wet cleanable upholstery fabrics which are made of natural or synthetic materials or their blends.

Protected items may be used as soon as they are dry to the touch. AquaGuard requires approximately 36 hours to fully cure.

AquaGuard Advantages

  • Excellent protection against wet and dry soiling
  • Water Repellent
  • Oil Repellent
  • Odorless / Non Fuming
  • Extremely durable to usage and vacuuming
  • Non flammable
  • Does not require protective equipment for application
  • Does not require solvent resistant applicators
  • For use on all wet cleanable upholstery items